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About us


Regimental Pens came about in June 2016.  I (Paul Loseby) had been a member of the Royal Marines and after leaving the Corps, joined the police.  After 13 years I suffered an injury which meant taking early retirement.  In 2003 I took up woodturning as a hobby and became somewhat of a specialist in making totally unique handcrafted pens.  I had never been interested in, or any good at practical things until that time.

My wife also became interested in wood and we still make many totally different items through our sister website .  

I joined the Royal Marines in October 1966 and whilst looking at items with which to make pens, I found an excellent quality kit based on a 7.62mm SLR rifle round.  I thought that if I made this and put the Corps Crest on, it would make an excellent gift at our training squad's 50th anniversary reunion.  I made one and put a photograph on a Royal Marines forum that I belong to.  It then just took off and it seemed like everyone wanted one.  I only charge a small amount for making them on top of the cost price and I donate £2 of every pen sale to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.  In the first month, I donated £171 to the Trust.  I then had a problem - you are not allowed to sell anything with a UK military emblem or logo on without being authorised and licensed by the Ministry of Defence.  I had to stop production.

I did not want to give up making the pens as I was raising much needed funds for the Corps so I applied for a licence.  This is a long winded process but on seeing the samples and knowing the reason for making the pens, I was given permission to recommence making and selling the pens whilst the paperwork process took place.

Whilst initially (September 2016), I am concentrating on Royal Marines pens, I do intend to make them for all UK Army regiments - Naval ships and establishments and RAF squadrons and stations and to donate to their charities of choice.

My intention is to make totally unique and very high quality pens at an acceptable price and at the same time, raise funds for charity.  These will all be made with the permission of and under licence from the UK Ministry of Defence.

We want to give serving and past members of the 'Armed Forces family' something totally unique.  I genuinely have not had one complaint about any of the pens I have ever made and these bullet pens are of exceptional quality.  They are all handmade to order by me and passed through very stringent quality control process.  I won't let them out unless I am happy (and for that, they have to be perfect) and then they go through the hardest stage of the process - being checked by my wife Penny.  If we are both happy, then the pen is posted to you.  If for some reason you are not happy, I will refund your payment or replace it as you wish.  We want you to be 'over the moon' with your purchase.

  Penny - mainline quality control             Paul - Stage 1 Quality Control