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1.  This is not a business but a self-financing hobby

2.  The parts are very high specification and made exclusively for our supplier.  They are not available anywhere else in the world and they really are top quality.

3.  The rifle pen clip.  We have tried to get an SLR or sniper rifle clip but those that are available either don't fit or the quality is such that we won't put our name to them.  We have bought some of the parts so that we could use one of those clips and they are much cheaper parts, but the quality really is poor.   We have enquired about having them made but it means an initial outlay of £12000 for the cast to be made and as this is a hobby to raise money for charity, we just can't afford it.

4.  The Cost of the pens and why - please click here

5.  Travelling abroad with your pen.  We post these pens all over the world but we have had one incident where a pen being carried by the owner, was confiscated at Customs.  They were told that there would be no problem if the pen had been packed in the 'hold luggage'.

65.  We try to ensure that all of the pens are perfect before they are sent out but they are hand crafted.  We do not have a precision machine to make them and sometimes, the crest can stretch slightly as it wraps around as it wraps around the body.  It all depends upon the size of the insignia - the bigger ones being the worst. Sadly we can't always avoid this but we will never knowingly let one out without it looking brilliant.  If you are genuinely not happy with your pen, let us know and we will sort it out - we always want everyone to be more than satisfied. 

7.  The pens come with a black ink refill installed.  Should you want a different colour, these are Parker ink or gel refills which can be easily obtained from any good stationer.

8.  We hold the Defence Intellectual Property Licence 20161027 issued by the MOD.  This permits us to use all official insignia of the British Armed Forces