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Royal Navy Nautical Pen - not a bullet pen

Regimental Pens

  • £50.00

We recently saw a 'Nautical Ballpoint Pen' in the RNA and RMA Homeport magazine.  (Page 71) That was on sale at £95 but it was made from timbers of the ship HMS Implacable.  I thought that the pen might appeal to our Naval colleagues and so have bought 5 sets of pen parts to try.  This is a ballpoint pen

I can't offer you a pen made from those timbers but I can offer you the same pen made from British Hardwoods and with the crest of 'Your' ship for £50 in a presentation box plus p&p.  The metal parts are described as 'Rich, warm copper finish with dark antique highlights'.  They are slightly darker than shown in the photographs but the flash has lightened the image

The pens are all officially licence products 

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